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Bring in the JOY!

We are kicking off the month of December introducing or re-introducing our clients and friends of Fayetteville Pilates & Barre to our favorite local female owned businesses. More than ever, supporting our local owned shops and businesses is crucial to how our community fights and recovers from this epidemic. When you have a free moment, grab a cup of coffee and read our series on local female entrepreneurs we know and love. Like their facebook or instagram pages. When you can, hire them for yourself or your friends and family as a way of giving back and looking forward. Our best days truly are before us.

First up, is our very own Jorja Johnson. You very likely have peaked through our barre room glass wall at her trying to imagine how anyone can hold that pose? Or teach that complex of a series for that long and not be covered in sweat? No? Just me? We think she’s pretty amazing. Jorja also owns a wonderful business called JOYspace (@joyspacenwa & So we (virtually) sat down to chat with her.

Becky: Jorja, we know you are from Arkansas and grew up in Springdale. But we didn’t know you were in competitive dance in both elementary and high school. Or that you were a certified body pump instructor at 15!!!!

That explains those gravity defying kicks you showcase in class ( picture from photo shoot). But what we don’t know is….what did you dream of becoming when you were a little girl? And what was your first job?

Jorja: I grew up loving to dance, paint and sing! And yes, even as a little girl, I loved to organize. I am the oldest of four girls….so my first job was babysitting.

Becky: We are so glad you are still pursuing those passions! What made you decide to turn those hobbies into a business?

Jorja: No matter what job I held, I was always organizing and decorating. I realized that I am not the type of person who can sit at a desk all day ( same Jorja- same). So, I decided to turn my passions of creativity and organizing into my own business. And I am so glad that I did!

Becky: We are the happy recipients of your great talents, Jorja. I love the renovated break room at our FPB studio ( full disclosure we haven’t completed it because…RONA) and our studio Christmas décor this year. Tell us, what’s the best part of running your company?

Jorja: I love helping people. I love leaving things better than I found them. And this company lets me do that every day ( see why we love Jorja???). And I love that the flexible hours allow me the time to teach Xtend Barre at FPB.

Becky: Not going to lie Jorja, we love that too!! And what a tender heart you have for helping others. It’s evident the minute you connect with our clients, and we so value you for that!!!

Can you give our clients a quick tip or two about the most important part of the home to keep organized and 4-5 steps to help get them started toward that process?

Jorja: The best way to get organized at home is to start with the room that gives you the most anxiety.

Becky: Great Tips!! Ok, moving on to the all things local questions. Because I moved here 7 years ago, I relied on my new local friends telling me their very favorite places to eat, play, visit and shop in NWA. And today, I still love asking the same question because we know NWA has a never ceasing opportunity for new and fun thing to explore.

So: where do you love to hang out ( pre-social distancing..)

Jorja: Definitely Devil’s Den or Beaver Lake. NWA has the best patios and live music, you can never go wrong being outside in our region. The first place I will probably go when the restrictions lift is a live music concert!! Who doesn’t miss the AMP?

Becky: We are so truly lucky to live in an area that gives us access to abundant nature and gorgeous natural vistas during a time when being outdoors was the safest way to “venture beyond our homes”. I lost count at the number of cars loaded down with kayaks, bikes, and camping gear headed to our state parks or lakes. Made me really proud to call NWA my new home.

Last question, what 3 places would you tell someone who had just moved to Fayetteville to go explore?


1. Glo Limited - my mom recently purchased Crown Beauty Bar and changed the name back to Glo

(and Becky is in heaven- so excited!!!)

2. Bolder Coffee - ask for the Macho Monkey Milkshake add espresso.

3. The Fayettville Square during their Season of Lights. It’s beautiful!!

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